I am serious about play. It is my constant companion and mirror to the stubborn tediousness of my hands. These opposing forces fused allow me fleeting ventures beyond my cantankerous bond with capitalistic reality. Intuitively hoarding relics of mass consumption, littered and lost, I mingle these offcasts with color and forms to possess them with new life beyond landfill. At a shallow glance, candy-colored vistas make plain a lack of seriousness, but look closer, and dense detail and texture awaits.

Happy Vacui Series

I employ meticulous layering and detail to explore blends of maximalism, horror vacui, and abstract expressionism. The way I paint vacillates between impulsive play and tightly controlled mark making. My work is time intensive and super focused on layers of saturated colors and patterns. With an over saturated palette, as well as a plethora of repurposed materials, I aim to convey impressions of excess, tediousness, and play.

I mix forms within my paintings that range from gestural and organic to simple geometrics to numerically strict collections of forms culled from my own personal mythos. I collect numerous found objects along with bits of plastic, cloth, and paper to collage in my work. I paint with acrylics, nail polish, and makeup, old and new alike. The result is a visually excessive collision between relics of mass consumption and aesthetic standards.

Solo Exhibition Press Release

Atlanta, Georgia, January 15, 2019  The Bakery Atlanta is pleased to present Happy Vacui, the first solo exhibition by Atlanta visual artist Pearl Bryant, opening  on February 7th.

Over the past three years, Bryant has developed a body of playful, detail-rich, abstract paintings with layers full of saturated colors and patterns. Relics of mass consumption, found objects, makeup, nail polish, and acrylics collide on the painting’s surface to convey excess, tediousness, and play.

Happy Vacui will include 25 small to medium paintings on canvas and found objects. Starting on February 14th and running until February 28th, Bryant will be in the gallery partaking in a daily, live painting performance.

Pearl received her BFA in Studio Art from Auburn University before moving to Atlanta in 2012. In 2015, following a traumatic accident, Pearl began painting again, with Happy Vacui being her first fully realized body of work since. Her work has been shown in group shows throughout Atlanta, including in WonderRoot’s Imaginary Million.